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Just a girl that loves to write... :D

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I love writing A LOT, so I have like sixty kajillion stories, including Big Time Rush, Fullmetal Alchemist, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Teen Titans, and others... :) And if you want, shoot me a message, and I'll write you a oneshot!

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stories Lullaby Ch. 2 - A Young Justice Story
Published in Stories on 07/28/2012
stories Lullaby Ch. 1 - A Young Justice Story
Published in Stories on 07/27/2012
stories Call My Name Ch.2 {Big Time Rush Sequel}
Published in Stories on 07/27/2012
stories Wanted - Chapter 2
Published in Stories on 07/27/2012
stories Call My Name Ch.1 {Big Time Rush Sequel}
Published in Stories on 10/03/2011


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September 2, 2011

College and Other Junk...

Hey y'all.
So, I'm at college now, which means I won't have as much time to be writing or posting things, but I will work on it when I get the chance (like today!). And I am posting a one shot in an hour or so that I started working on a super long time ago... sorry about that Mizfit1121!
Anyway, I posted another part of Shooting Stars, so go enjoy that... and I started posting my new X-Men fanfic. You'll like that one. (: And I can post whatever other stories y'all like! I have a few original stories I'd be willing to start posting too...
Drop me a message for an idea, or a one shot, or even just say hi!
Keep on reading!
Love, Kaylie

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Sep 17th, 2014

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stories Special Day (Carlos Oneshot for pinkconverseheart999) 04/02/2010
quizzes What shape would you Patronus Charm take? (6 Results, Detailed, Pictures) 09/02/2006

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