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I'm a romanticizing, fun-loving, game pwning, active minded, semi-daddy's, teenager who loves computers. :) What else would you need to describe me!

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polls Favorite Color
Published in Polls on 06/22/2012
polls What do you think is the best iin a guy?
Published in Polls on 04/15/2012
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Published in Stories on 04/08/2012


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April 15, 2012


I'm at my grandparent's house, trying to find inspiration for a story. I want to write a mystery/romance, but I really can't think of a plot.
Anyhow, I'm scared because I have CRCT testing tomorrow. I walked a mile to let out my stress, but that didn't exactly work. So... yeah...
Well, I better get to studing for the "big test" that starts tomorrow. Otherwise, I get grounded for a month from my cell...*shudder*
Gotta go! Bye!
-Emily ;)

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Sep 17th, 2014

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polls What do you think is the best iin a guy? 04/15/2012
quizzes what type of easter candy are you? 04/05/2012

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