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Love is the equivelent to Hate only in the oppisite form-- EmphZyne

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My name is Lillianne! I love music, drawing, rollerblading, singing, dancing, schoolwork, algebra. I know im weird. Like who in the world like ALGEBRA right? well i think its cool how you have to stick to the rules to get an answer, You cant make something up like with dance and you dont need emotions like with singing, you dont need talent like when drwing. Its irritatingly perfect. Thanks for listening to my rant. Message me if yah wanna!

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December 14, 2011


I have a new series I want to start, it's called "caught" I hope you peoples out there read it who read this. It will be my first (and only) story with a boy as the main character. He leads a pretty ordinary life except for the fact that heknows 40 different ways to kill another being. He is stronger than any "normal" human, he has skill and brute strength on his side. His name: You'll have to read to find out. Why is the story called caught: Because he gets caught. FRom who: You'll have to read it to find out. It's an action packed adventure with a love twist inside.

How can anyone stay away from their own family? No matter how evil they are, i hope you njoy and read it BYE BYE!

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