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【Thank you so much for the 15 000+ views! ♥♥♥】"Not Everyone Is Perfect. We Take Time To Be...Although Perfection Is Merely An Illusion."

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【IMAGINATION is the KEY of CREATIONS】Yukii [ゆきい], 16, female. ♥ Alice in Wonderland, anime, music, games, manga, stories, tea & Vocaloid ♥ Writer's block is what she commonly faces but she does try to conquer it, update & be original as much as possible(although she isnt really sure about that). She's also usually MIA so if she doesn't reply your mails, no, she's NOT ignoring you.

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stories MOVING!
Published in Stories on 12/12/2012
stories Quizilla Fails Me Over and Over
Published in Stories on 10/05/2012
stories 04 [KHR : Belphegor] Void [StrictlyKHR]
Published in Stories on 09/04/2012
stories 03 [KHR : Belphegor] Alone [StrictlyKHR]
Published in Stories on 09/04/2012
stories 02 [KHR : Belphegor] Desire [StrictlyKHR]
Published in Stories on 08/31/2012


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September 20, 2012

You've Failed Me Yet Again

For days, I've been trying to publish my new works which includes requests, the 'forgotten' prizes and several others. Unfortunately, as some of you might've seen in my new Kuroshitsuji's drabble which I've deleted and republished time and time again, Quizilla has failed me.


It ate my friggin' tags.

Damn you! D<

I shall return to (re)publish my works until my tags are there! *shakes fists*

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Sep 16th, 2014

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stories Gotta be the GOOD LIFE~ | Jack Vessalius [EmeraldxDew] 12/04/2011

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