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I'm an artist.. not like painting, or drawing... i'm a photographer/writer... i write poetry, songs based on my life, and/or books (i adore Twilight etc. by Stephenie Meyer!!) and i'm in the middle of writing a long novel! i also love music. my fingers kill me cuz i'm constantly writing new songs (mainly book based, but i have others too) and then fiddling around on my guitar... i love my guitar so much. i'm also trying my hand at singing, though i do not believe i have a good voice... oh well... a girl can dream! haha

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August 8, 2008

Nessie, Nessie, Nessie...

Renesmee...WHY?! Why does edward have to be a stupid succubus/incubus thingy? thats just not right!!!! sure, i like the fact that jacob finally imprinted, i love the name renesmee, and i'm glad that bella got what she wanted...again...but really? i feel like this book just ruined the whole series. i know i've been ranting about this for forever now, but seriously. i still love the Twilight saga, and will be forever be uber crazed fangirl, and believe stephenie meyer to be the literary jesus (thanks for that term from justin ferstenfeld of blue october), but how could this happen?! it seems like -- and i know SM has said that Renesmee has been a character in her mind since she first wrote forever dawn -- but its like she was just ready to do anything to end the series there. i'm trying to see all sides of the story, however, and again, i'm procrastinating my long list of previous engagements to read this dud again...hopefully by the time i'm done i'll see through the reason..then i'll go back through the entire series and look for all the clues that SM said are in all the books leading to breaking dawn...then maybe, just maybe, will i understand, and begin to like this book...but only a little...

however, i must say that i kinda sorta like jacob a little better now then i used to. after reading from his eyes, i can see where he's comign from, and i guess, he has a lot of stress to him, so maybe us team jacob haters are just giving him more of a hard time, and more stress to add to that...but who knows...i could just be out of it right now like i strongly believe i am...i'm gonna go work on my novel now...wait maybe not cuz i can't see straight! UGH! stupid computers and books are gonna make me go permanantly BLIND!! GRRRR!!

kk laterrrrss~

lovesedward...yes still, after all he's put me through, i love him like bella does...prolly even more...xD

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