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They Say Time Is Money But Really Its Not If We Ever Go Broke Girl Then Time Is All We Got And You Can't Make That Back

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Name: Naz not Nas (call me that and I'll kill you) Birthday: April 30th shouts to all my Taurus. Read my stories and message me bout them. Message me about anything you wanna get off your chest. I'm here for you . Follow me on tumblr and twitter. both are lightdreams430 =)

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stories ◆◇ Light Dreams ◆◇ ┠14┨
Published in Stories on 09/17/2012
stories ◆◇ Light Dreams ◆◇ ┠13┨
Published in Stories on 09/15/2012
stories ◆◇ Light Dreams ◆◇ ┠12┨
Published in Stories on 09/02/2012
stories ◆◇ Light Dreams ◆◇ ┠11┨
Published in Stories on 08/12/2012
stories This Is Like Riding Thru The City
Published in Stories on 08/07/2012


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February 18, 2011


Alright so i know i havent been updating dat much recently and i no when i have updated it has been for the EMM storymostly. i have been busy with skool work cuz im extremly far behind an dim tryin 2 get my grade up b4 the term ends. i will start to update more. i'm currently working on da followin stories
1. Don't Doubt My Love
2.Arrange Marrige to the wanna be rapper across the street
3. Excuse Me Miss
4.Stuck In the Middle
5.What If I Kissed You

i want to try and update DDML and my arrange marrige stories cuz i havent done those in a while. i have break this week so im guna try and do it! plz dont stop rwadin da stories cuz i lik the feedback i get =))))


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Sep 20th, 2014

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stories [For Better Or For Worse].12. 10/14/2012
stories Lovesick : Chapter Three 09/03/2012
stories Gotta Be Mine ღ Four ღ 07/18/2012
stories Last Kings and Queens ▲1O▼ 07/15/2012
stories Ciroc Secrets [2/4] 07/14/2012

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