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Come original, you got to come original. All the entertainers come original.

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I like the journey more than the destination. Then I get the hell out of the bus and I love them both to after death.

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poems written word
Published in Poems on 12/21/2011
poems Rounin of the noon
Published in Poems on 12/21/2011
poems Open mind of mine(space)
Published in Poems on 12/21/2011
poems Volcanic fall out
Published in Poems on 08/11/2010
poems Lopsided
Published in Poems on 07/14/2010


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January 28, 2008


Returning from the break from school, I expected somethings to change. I expected things to feel different...but they didn't. I have new classes but everything is the same. There basically no one to talk to in my lunch period but I think I'm just whining. "she"'s in my health class and I don't want to speak up about anything, not even my name. I don't know why, I guess I'm afraid to look stupid. I'm doing better in my running training, although last Saturday I sucked bad. I'm starting to rise back up again so I'm a little excited. I had been doing some stuff wrong in my form that I didn't notice but they sure as hell changed alot of stuff and held me back. One thing that I need now to finally get back on track, but I can't seem to find it. Inspiration and motivation to run is gone. I'm at a loss and I realized that I feel nothing at all. When I run, I just run. There's nothing behind me so it's like trying to drive ono an empty tank of gas with no oil or even an engine. A car with out an engine it just manufactured artwork that costs 13,000 dollars. I remember what I was driven by since I started running but it's been lost to the real world so I don't even remember what it was. I can't remember why I run.. Still searching for a career off the beaten path. I think I might be interested in making a band like every other teenage dude in the world in high school. I might make the poems up on this site into songs. It sounds like a good idea so I'm just going along with it. I don't know what a man who feels nothing should do. I'm not happy, not sad or angry and not even silly. I just don't get it.

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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