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Live life to the fullest, laugh until it hurts,love as if you always knew how!

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Hey I'm Maria :) Here's some things about me (might wanna prepare for the odd :p) Music is my heart, cartoons are my ribs, youtube is my veins, reading is my brain :p. I like meeting new people, going to concerts, and oh I run away from dead animals (O_O phobia). Well I love to chat so msg me if you want more of the weirdness( Weird: a word in the English language that is used when something is simply indescribable) ^_^ Thanks!

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Published in Lyrics on 02/06/2013
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July 5, 2013

Call of Ktulu

So with all the events that have taken its perminant place in my odyssey of this year; I gind myself not knowing how I should be feeling about most things. First the breakup being a major event in the past month. Graduating from highschook, abd left to cleab up my room and throw away memories I no longer feel the need to hold onto. Seeing my friends facebook statuses of them moving on and being nervous about going away. Then there's me slipping into my natural depression. I have to find a way to be productive because I don't want to go away to college, which is the most exciting part of life, being a depressed lump of shit.
As of now if its right for me to make peice with anyone ( ben, my aunt, my bro, ect.) Then I guess it'll happen. But my mistake is not knowing the difference between waitiing for it to hapoen, and having it be meant to happen. :/ I don't want to go away with any burdens.

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