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Matsu♀ Lv.19/Type:Meganekko Tsundere/Ability:Sarcastic Combacks/This Pokémon can be found in Moron’s University or looking for fanservice on the net. It occasionally has cute moments, but will go back to TsunTsun mode immediately.

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stories ? ?? •??• c??c? ? •c???????• ? •1•
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stories ?Words Do Touch The ???APH - o2?
Published in Stories on 02/11/2011
stories ?Words Do Touch The ???APH - o1?
Published in Stories on 01/27/2011
stories [All Hail The Shadow King] •Ootori Kyoya• [1/5] •paperXcranes•
Published in Stories on 01/24/2011
stories If I Were A Boy {Lussuria}
Published in Stories on 01/19/2011


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February 20, 2012

So long, Quizilla

Man, it's been years since I last came here. Brings lots of memories to be honest.I won't be hanging around here anymore, but for the friends I had here, lemme tell you I miss you a whole bunch.My twitter account is Agus Aceste, on Tumblr I'm guitar-soundHope to see some of you there, bye bye

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