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April 19, 2012

Revive Heart of Ice, Eyes of Fire?

Hello everyone.

It's been...years, hasn't it? After Itachi Uchiha had passed away in the series Naruto, I just sorta fell out of the fandom. I haven't updated my most popular story, Heart of Ice Eyes of Fire in years, yet to this day, I am still recieveing fanart and letters begging me to return back and continue writing.

Things are a little different now...I am married and have a child, so I don't have the same liesure time that I had before. I am currently in college and I'm working part time, however, my summer break is coming up so I would have time to actually write.

I'm sure not many will read, considering how long it's been, but I just want some opinions...what do you guys think about me reviving Heart of Ice, Eyes of Fire? I have deeply considered going in and starting fresh from the start, because of how differently I write now. Much of what happened in the original will still happen again, just in different context and order.

So, let me know what you think guys :]

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