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"Love is not bound by laws,only by the narrow minded."-mewfunnygal

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I feel happy now,I guess.Though I'm usually in a bad mood nowadays.I'm planning on re-writing one or two stories,starting with "I'm Not a Child",but only if many people vote yes.So,please vote!I'm also planning on re-writing things like 'Saiyuki Story' and others.If there's a specific story you enjoyed but I haven't updated in a long time,please message me and I'll re-write it,with better grammer,less spelling mistakes and more plot.

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June 21, 2012

I Don't Know Anymore...

So,as of late I've been feeling rather..Lost,is a way to put it.I don't really understand how I feel anymore.I don't feel angry,sad,happy or anything.I just feel confused as to how I feel.I guess I'm just losing track of my dreams.I can't write anymore..I've been writing in the files on my computer,but...I'm afraid you won't like them.I don't get messages from people telling me they like my stories..I don't have anybody to talk to about my feelings,because nobody will listen...I'm just wondering...Does anybody really like my writing?Or my singing?Or anything I do,or is everything I do that I enjoy,just...Nothing?

I feel so lost...I had to do a presentation for something I really enjoy but...I had no confidence.I'm losing all my confidence to do things I like,such as singing,writing,drawing and my afterschool hobbies.

I just wish I was more confident...I think I'm losing myself...It feels like I'm drowning in myself...I just.....I just wish I had the confidence to do things I love...But...Does anybody like the things I do?

I'm losing myself..

--Thanks for listening,M.Funny.G says farewell for now.

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Sep 30th, 2014

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