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A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Gummie bears are chasing me. One is red, one is blue, one is peeing on my shoe. Now I'm running for my life, cuz the red one has a knife......

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Hey, I'm Beth I Love Writing Silly Stuff And Making People Laugh But Also Making Them Cry..... Don't Know Why But That's Just Me. I Don't Like Cats But Don't Mind Pink Fluffy Bunnies With Rainbow Coloured Eyes..... Johnny Depp Is Hot!!! With A Capital S! And Yes, I Know Hot Begins With H Hope Ya Like My Stories !! x

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July 10, 2011


Quizilla has for some reason, unknown to me, deleted half of my stuff. What the hell happened? I don't go around deleting their hard work so why are they deleting mine!?

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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