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have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

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I like to write. All Time Low, You Me At Six, Pierce The Veil, Jack's Mannequin, Mayday Parade, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance...the list goes on and on. Message me about anything I don't bite. http://long-live-reckless-and-brave.tumblr.com/

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stories I'm Sorry {Alex Gaskarth} (36)
Published in Stories on 07/12/2012
stories I'm Sorry {Alex Gaskarth} (35)
Published in Stories on 06/26/2012
stories Twenty-Five Days Without You {Harry Styles} (2)
Published in Stories on 06/17/2012
stories Twenty-Five Days Without You {Harry Styles} (1)
Published in Stories on 06/03/2012
stories I'm Sorry {Alex Gaskarth} (34)
Published in Stories on 06/03/2012


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November 16, 2011


Okay, first off: One shots.
I have a life. I have about 13 one shots to do. I do them in order of when I get them. If you requested a one shot like two weeks ago, please don't be pissed if I don't have it done yet. I have one shots dating back to SEPTEMBER that I haven't done yet. I am trying the very best I can to get them done. But when I have a story to update, school, my school newspaper, homework, friends, going to my dads where I can't update, and any other fucking thing that comes my way...Quizilla just comes second. I'm really, really, truly, sorry that one shots are taking this long. I promise you all that I will get them done as soon as I can. Just because I have 13 one shots to do doesn't mean I'm turning any away. You can still request but as I said, I do them in the order I get them. And please do not bug me about when your one shot is going to be done.
Second: My story
"I'm Sorry" is probably up there on the list of stories that I absolutely love. It might be moving slow now, but just wait. Soon, every chapter will be a different twist and turn. However, I. Need. Feedback. I have the same 3-5 people telling me how much they like the story, and to you people I love you and thanks so much. However, I have 100 views on it. I want to know what you guys think! You guys like it? Think I should add anything? Anything you hate? Think a character is a bitch? Tell me! I love hearing what you guys have to say. And feedback makes me update more, just saying.
Third: Disney World/Universal Studios.
I have to admit to you all, I am the biggest Disney nerd you will ever meet. I love everything Disney: the movies, the characters...everything. I am also a huge Harry Potter nerd. Huge. So when my cousin asked me to go to Orlando with her in two weeks, to go to Disney and Harry Potter World, I said hell yes. Right after Thanksgiving I am leaving. I'll be gone for a week. I will have my laptop with me, because I'm missing a week of school and have to make up assignments while I'm there...so I might be able to update while I'm down there. But I still might not so if I dissapear for a week, I'm in Hogwarts.
Fourth: Other stories.
People have been asking me to update my other stories besides "I'm Sorry". I'll try but on those other stories...I kind of hit a wall. I'm not sure where to go with them, that's why I stopped. Also, I can only really do one story at a time without my head exploding because I'll mix up plots and what not. I do, however, have another story idea. And as soon as I'm done with "I'm Sorry" I'll probably post a poll about who you want the story on and that will probably be my next story because I'm sort of in love with the idea I came up with.
Sorry this thing is so long, just got to get this all out there to you guys. I love you all. Thanks for getting this far in this rant, I applaud you for not getting bored yet :P
By the way (shameless self advertisment) my tumblr is: im-married-2-the-music.tumblr.com
Love you guys!!!

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