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"Life is Black and White till someone adds the Grays..."

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I write I read I go to school :P My life thoughts can be deep they can be shallow, my saying is from the heart! I will never write of something I don't believe...

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September 30, 2008

If you want to go to College in Miami...

Ok today I had a fieldtrip to UM (University of Miami)... It's awsome! For my taste it's to close to home but that's just because I want to go far, far away for college but if you want to go to college in Miami consider UM! The campus is BEAUTIFUL! It has a huge a*s library with 4 MILLION books, a school store with just about any Hurricane accesory you could want (and more). It has food, entertainment, nature, the doors are spectacular, it has movies, and Downtown is only a few miles away if your a club type.

It's about $45,ooo a year including room and board (prices of course vary and this is a ROUGH ESTIMATE)But it's totaly worth it. It has many majors including arts, music, arciterture(sp?), science, pre-med, pre-law, and a bunch of stuff that falls under those categories. Also it has 77 courses in 33 other countries.

If you want more info message me you would probably love this campus its friendly and cool and the food is good too!

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