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'Never' is just 'reven' spelled backwards.

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himyname is molly. i like writing. my favorite color is zebra print. i'm a vegetarian. IMPORTANT WEBSITES :) My Music- My Myspace- My Writing Myspace- My Blog- My Writing Blog- GC Fanfics- Ficwad-

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Published in Polls on 09/27/2008
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Published in Stories on 01/01/2008
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November 15, 2008

A Note To My Readers... Sorry

Before you ask...

Yes, I have been writing. Not a lot, but I have. I haven't been posting on quizilla because (and I'll be honest) the new quizilla site annoys me a little. I don't like the way the posting works now, and I find it really annoying to go back and edit stuff.

That's not to say I'll never be posting a story on quizilla again, it just won't be often.

However, I will be posting more frequently on GC Fanfics and Ficwad (I'm also molliegym on both of those websites), simply because I feel that those websites are easier to post on. Quizilla was a lot easier to use (as a writer) when I first started writing (September 2004/January 2005) and now it's just kind of annoying.

Check me out on GC Fanfics at and on Ficwad at

I am NOT stopping writing. I promise. But I won't be posting much on quizilla anymore.

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