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Yo-Yo I'm 15. My name remains a secret tho. I love to sing, dance, act, paint, write, read, etc. I love BTR, The Wanted, Scouting For Girls, Gavin Degraw, and 1D.I am super motherly and very bright! I love vintage clothing and thrift stores! Lastly I love ppl so message me and rate! P.S. I also love HP and Glee! Music is my passion and I'm a total nerd! *puts on hipster glasses*

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quizzes Yet Another Big Time Rush Love Story 36
Published in Quizzes on 09/26/2012
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stories Plz read this story!!
Published in Stories on 07/12/2012
quizzes Yet Another Big Time Rush Love Story 34
Published in Quizzes on 07/08/2012


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March 10, 2012


Okay so i've gotten really peeved about something lately. First of all, my recent BTR love story isn't a full five stars. I know its a little wierd but i'm worked up about it. Not bc its not full, but that u guys didn message me about why. So plz do I love hearing from you guys. Also I really just havent been posting often cuz i have a huge paper due! Also I got into my schools version of the Greek Olympiaganza thingamabob. Although I dont have any female parts. Oh well. Also I'm sorry for those of you who are still waiting for one shots. I like to go chronologically and I'm just really stuck on this single oneshot. Ughhh! Anyway I am super sorry. Now I gotta say thatI really want everyone to stop what they are doing and go listen to The Wanted. They are so good! Both of their albums are amazing. But niether of them are on itunes in america. I had to buy thier first album on amazon and their 2nd one is too expensive bc it is an international order.Any one else really excited for BTR to sing Help! by the Beatles! They sang I Want to Hold Your Hand in concert and it was soooo sweet. Lolz I'm such a nerd! But according to the quiz of the day I am a first-rate detective! Take that James Bond! (Also listen to the song James Bond by Scouting for Girls) hahaha well cya later guys! Well I wont actually see you...but you get it! Message me! -xoxo mouchie397

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