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I thought I loved you, it was just how you looked in the light. ♥

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About Me

Name: Lianna Love. Relationship Status: Taken. 11.23.11. ♥ Currently Writing: I don't even know yet. Books: Unwind, Inkheart, Specials, Lust, Tilt a Whirl and Band Geek Love. Movies; AVENGERS, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Cyberbully and The Dictator.

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June 21, 2013

Bandgeekgirl13 Loves you, M00P N008.

I forgot that I remembered your password, although I may end up forgetting it again soon. And I got tired of seeing your old journal post. I know neither of us hardly online anymore but I thought "it's the thought that counts".

Psh we are so otp. (one true pairing). I am listening to Fall Out Boy at the moment and just being bored. I am going to make a cake today.

Nom nom nom. What do I talk about?
Well, for one thing, that boy needs to shape up if he wants you back. Even with what you showed me last night. What an odd way to show your emotions. Boys are weird creatures.

Speaking about boys, James is coming back from D.C. today! I already told you I was going to attack him and I will. (; Sarah is getting rid of this laptop today so I will be 3 weeks without a computer. James might have a laptop for me to use but he isn't totally sure it works. We'll see once he gets back. alsjfksadjfkasdf.

Blah. Plaid pants are the shit. But I need to get more shirts that can match these pants. Sigh.
Random sadness. Why can't life be all happiness and rainbows? Oh, yeah, too cliche.
I need to kill something. I guess I'll go now and play some Wolfenstein online while I still can.
Ttyl M00P N008.

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Sep 20th, 2014

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