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I, Merodi-chan, dutifully DECLARE that Kei Minami (Beauty Pop) is my boyfriend (I'm so sorry I ruined your picture D:), but don't worry Lawliet you're still my favourite~! [♥]

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Melody: as a dictionary definition states is "The leading part or the air in a composition with accompaniment," but its also the name of a quirky & kind-hearted teenage girl who loves anime, manga and dramas. Wanna more 'bout me?['cause I'm that cool ;D]: go to (just copy & paste!)

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stories ~A Gift or a Curse?~ [02]
Published in Stories on 07/09/2011
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Published in Stories on 07/09/2011
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Published in Polls on 10/31/2010
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July 9, 2011

Once again Failzilla is being Stupid.

..Seriously?! Why? Just why? Why would you delete all our hard work? Why would delete everything we’ve worked so hard on? I am really upset, not only for myself, but especially for all my favourite authors who spent so much time producing so much great work. Like really. I just don’t understand. D: Argggggh. I’m just too upset to think right now.


Repost A Gift or a Curse.
Cry and be upset.
Repost Challenges.
Be upset.
Work on stories.
Be even more upset.


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Sep 19th, 2014

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