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*RANTRANT* F*ckin' Quizilla goes and messes uo my stuff! As if deleting them and putting them back all messed up isn't enough! Gaaaahhh I hate you, you FAIL!!

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Well, I recently switched to Nana but feel free to call me whatever you want :) Otaku, and fledgling Tsundere according to a quiz around here. English is my second language, just so you know. Updates are slow, sorry about that, but I guess I just go at "my pace". Message if you want to talk~! Also feel free to ask me~

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June 24, 2011

Yuppi~ I'm alive~


Hello everyone!

Guess I’m still alive, huh~ Long time no see and here again you see me apologising for disappearing like that.

Gosh, I haven’t updated in here since my birthday! And that was October!

I’ve been going through my stuff and I realised that my account is full of… garbage! There were really old stories and they kinda reminded me what my writing was like back then. –insert ‘Yikes!’ here-

So I’ve deleted some of them and kept the ones that were… read-able. I didn’t want to switch to a different account, although I think my user name is lame –really lame- , since I am a slowpoke at writing and I don’t want to see an empty “Stuff I Made” page -_-”

Anywho, it’s summer break for me now and I guess I’ll be able to write some things since my internship was cancelled. I have some challenges lined up and I’m planning to finish a certain challenge first (*ahemsmutchallengeahemahem*) Then we’ll have to wait and see what I’ll write after that! And I do know there were some requests, I’m so sorry I was unable to complete them. But you know, I’m the kind who needs a little push and maybe some encouragement in these kind of subjects. So feel free to message me and remind me, okay~! :B

I hope you’ll continue to read my stuff, and thanks to those who still keep reading! Love you all~


P.S. I do forget about this journal thingy, sorry if I don’t reply to your comment, so do message me instead! :D

P.S. I really hope Quizzy won't mess up this entry~


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