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August 13, 2012

that's it.

you know what.
i'm done.
finished of quizilla. I don't like it.

not anymore.

i'm sorry, but quizilla isn't for me.

bye :'( I love you all. You've been so supportive and nice to me whilst I've been writing, and the friends I've made on here are awesome.

But I'm wasting my whole time on here. My school work is affected badly, and even the relationship i have with my family and friends. I know, It's a stupid reason to quit but I don't want to be someone who just sits at the computer all day wishingI knew what to write when so many of you want different things. it's hard, man.

i guesss i just can't handle the pressure.

:L sorry.

again, I love you all, You've been awesome.


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