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Well I'm simply myself and if you want to get to know me then message me ^^

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June 25, 2013

What year is it again...? *back from the uninspired dead!*

Holy schmoly, moly! I am back and it feels like I haven't been here in years!

First of all: My biggest and sincerest apology to everyone who has been waiting for their one shots and for the new chapters to my stories. I don't want to make up excuses, but I do think that it is fair to let you guys know why I have been away for such a long time:
- I had a full year internship at a psychiatric living home as aattendent (I think that is how I should say it, I was guiding people with their mental health issues).
- Some very messed up personal stuff.
- Trying to keep up a social life (which I succeeded in thank the lord).
- Aaaand absolutely no inspiration or (how bad this is going to sound) no will to write. I had to write, so much and freakishly long papers about mental health and what not.. My fingers hurted after it, my eyes were square and my head started to throb and didn't end till last week.

But I am back! And the first thing I started working on, was my Rufus One Shot that I promised to SOMEONE. I still have the mail (I... think) so it will still be dedicated to that person. I promised to write this about two years ago (darn I feel bad.....). I'm feeling really good about the one shot, so the waiting will have been worthwhile!

Hopefully you all understand and I really hope that I haven't lost my readers.

Love and pens,

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Sep 16th, 2014

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