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Alisha Renée - ☀ 18. Geek Chic. Whovian. Vegetarian. Vocabulary Votary. Ferret Master. Sandwich Artist. Realist. Torpid & Taciturn. A quirky college kid endlessly questing for a measly bit of inspiration and a multitude of self-discovery.

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June 21, 2012



Currently Watching: Pretty Little Liars

Currently Reading: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Currently Listening To: Meyrin Fields by Broken Bells

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WHUT UP, BRO? It’s Fabi-freakin’-chan here, and I’ll have you all know that I am finally getting organized and on the ball with this maddening site. Perhaps you’ve noticed? Meh, certainly you have what with all of the story posts I’ve been making due to the meticulous process of relocating anything I’ve ever written on FAILzilla to this particular account. I thought that I might make mention of all the accounts I’ve accumulated on here, just so that when omphaloskepsis posts a bunch of crap your plagiarism senses won’t be incessantly tingling. So, here it goes, yeah?

· xFabricatedxFairytalesx

· xXImaxMonsterXx

· HastaLaPasta

· HarujukuxBarbie

· RealLifeWonderTwins

Although, I daresay that the latter is a joint account and as such, I might not uproot from it any fiction babies at all. HermHerm. ANYWAY, I would like you lot to know that I’m really excited for the brand new stories I’ve been writing and posting accordingly. Bellicose, The Denial Twist, Pas De Deux, and Bury Me In Black are all rather riveting to write in their own, charming way – I hope they’re just as engaging to read. As it is now the glorious season of summer, I am trying my hardest to update what I can. It recently came to my attention that I’ve been a resident of Quizilla since July 13th, 2008 and the only story I’ve managed to finish is a simple little series of drabbles on Belphegor from KHR! If there was ever any doubt before that I was the real life, female edition of Professor Finbarr Calamitous from Jimmy Neutron, let it now be stricken from the record due to the horror of the aforementioned fact. I CAN’T FINISH ANYTHING, MAAAAN. /wails inconsolably. ( ̄へ ̄)

I’m not going to be attending university until January, and even then it will be a laid-back endeavor as my college of choice will be the smaller variant of the main campus, located only a convenient twenty minutes from my humble abode. So, I should be able to update on a somewhat regular basis – save for the spontaneous days in which I am painting the town red with my absolutely adorkable, boyfriend (Sir Cody CUTIEFACE, Lord of the shirt pockets – kufufu!) – and plan to do so whenever at all possible. Weeeeell, I think that’s all I really have to say to the bunch of you, except, of course, that I am absolutely ecstatic to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter tomorrow with Cody simply because the book was a right laugh and a half. ♥

At any rate, I wish you lots of love and such.

Fabi-chan, over & out!

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