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October 31, 2012

First Entry... Cause Why Not?....

Some of you may have read what few little poems that I have created on this site but when I realized that you could enter little Journal entries, I thought why the hell not. People don't exaclty respect my privacy as it is around here so mighty as well share my thoughts on the web.

Now that I have a tiny bit of your attention, let's just put everything out on the table so there are no need for questions. I'm a 17 year old, Canadian girl that... has little to no life. I'm a gamer, I write awkward stories and fan-fictions, and I have my strange friends that hardly ever talk to me. 'To weird' they usually say...

To be honest this is a terrible first entry for the fact that It's Halloween night (WOOHOO!!!) and I only just got home from hanging out, but I feel I could possibly be more open to you strangers than my own family members.

This shall be interesting....

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Sep 18th, 2014

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