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Let those who do not understand me fear me. Let those who understand me fear themselves

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Hello there.For all intents and purposes I am Akima on this site. When I'm not having internal arguements with myself or having spontaneous philosphical discussions with the person closest to me I'm writing stories that can't hold a candle to all these all great writers. I'm proud to be a weird dorky geek. I think being grown up is overrated (who says being mature means being an adult) and I wish whoever is reading this a happy life

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tests Would you survive CW's Supernatural? (Part 1)
Published in Quizzes on 05/02/2013
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quizzes Supernatural: What's Your Demon Rank?
Published in Quizzes on 03/15/2013
quizzes Supernatural: Who's Your Sibling?
Published in Quizzes on 03/14/2013
poems The Man by the Willow Tree
Published in Poems on 03/09/2013


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January 19, 2012

Back and Better

Yeah so I'm back on as you can tell. Been so long too! I'm starting a new story. And I apologize to all the people I owe those quizes to. This darn quizilla doesn't publish! It hates my computer or something. Anyway, I'm gonna try and get a lot of new stuff up. Especially quizes. Thanks.

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quizzes Who's Your Akatsuki Daddy? 05/05/2013
quizzes What is your inner eye colour? 05/04/2013
poems Floating whispers... 05/04/2013
poems -| Serial Killer Plagiarism |- 05/04/2013
quizzes What would your life be like in Okami/Okamiden? 04/28/2013

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