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Don't be afraid to make yourself comfy on this page!!!!!! Sit back, relax, drink some lemonade!! THAT IS ALL MAH QUIZILLA PEEPS!!!!!! ;D

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Hey everyone my name's Chelsea :D im pretty crazy so if i happen to message u, don’t be scared ;) if you message me, please dont feel like its just to compliment my work. if i seem like someone you wanna talk to, go ahead! im all ears :). So I'll be doing oneshots. the list of the books is on my stuff.

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stories ~*Oneshot book list*~
Published in Stories on 10/31/2012
stories Frozen In Time (Intro)
Published in Stories on 10/28/2012
polls What's your favorite fashion magazine?
Published in Polls on 07/20/2012
polls Who's your favorite Hunger Games character?
Published in Polls on 07/20/2012
lyrics Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
Published in Lyrics on 07/11/2012


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October 31, 2012

Im back baby!!

lol hey everyone how u beeen!>??!@?!?! im back on quizzie and better then ever :) for the next week i might be wuiet, i still have one major test to complete but after that, everything willl go back to normal :D for those of you who do read my stories and enjoy them, if u noticed i posted a preview to this new story i thought of and will be co writing with my friend so yea, hope your all as excited as i am :D

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stories Trust Me: 01 (The Hunger Games) 05/21/2012
quizzes What owl are you? 05/16/2012
stories the start =] 05/13/2012
stories My Life (Like no joke this be my life) ^_^ 05/13/2012
polls do you like reading 05/02/2012

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