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If you don't stand behind our troops, do me a favor and stand in front of them!

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Hey guys, My name is Tessy (not really... its my online persona mwahahahaha) and I have been away from quizilla for a while. I am in love with soccer.. and now softball... and plan on going to the military! First national guard when I hit 17 and then Army for college... WEST POINT!... Anywho I am trying to get back in the swing of things.. message me!

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stories Starlight Shadows Chpt.1
Published in Stories on 07/10/2012
poems A Soldiers Prayer
Published in Poems on 06/14/2012
poems I need someone
Published in Poems on 06/14/2012
poems Big Brother
Published in Poems on 06/14/2012
poems Always Be There
Published in Poems on 06/14/2012


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June 17, 2010

wolf pack RP. its great

ok so here is this new website i found. its a wolf pack rp game and it rocks. its :

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