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I'm really into my music, Hinder, A7X, Hollywood Undead, Papa Roach, Burn Halo, and Mest are 6 of the most kickass bands ever

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April 10, 2013

Baby Daddy

Name: Morgan Everett
Age: 28
Looks (if you want banners, I need at least TWO pictures) :Cher-Lloyd-cher-lloyd-28617063-500-500.jpgCher-Lloyd-Wallpaper-cher-lloyd-33184150-1024-768.jpg
Personality: pretty stubborn and strong willed something she got from her godmother, loyal to her family and friends, will do anything to protect those she loves
Abilities (depending on the fanfiction): Doctor
Information/History (do not send me a novel about them. Most of the history is comepletely irrelevant UNLESS it has to do with the father): Jax and Morgan grew up together even though he's a few years older...they're "relationship" was years in the making between his relationship with Tara and his marriage to Wendy until she stepped up when he needed someone the most
Number of children (three is sort of my maximum): 2
Names and genders of children: Noah(her son with an ex Jax adopts him) Callie Rose Teller(girl)
Birthorder: Noah first then Callie
Love Interest/Baby Daddy: Jax Teller
Ending (Married? He left? Etc): Common law but she wears a ring
Anything Else Relavant:
Banners (yes or no): sure

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Sep 20th, 2014

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