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a tale of lacklustre ends; she no longer wanders,

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and in this ancient place, she lays her words to rest.

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stories Her Boy is Lucky | Gokudera Hayato ; 02
Published in Stories on 05/31/2013
stories Her Boy is Lucky | Gokudera Hayato ; 01
Published in Stories on 05/12/2013
stories turning back ▲ adult!reborn
Published in Stories on 09/02/2012
stories one star [for desushi to read]
Published in Stories on 08/30/2012
stories Beauty & Form [Results]
Published in Stories on 08/18/2012


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May 12, 2013

she's alive!

i posted something. oh my! :o

hopefully that'll become a regular-ish occurence again soon (i do miss writing, plus i'll have like 4 months off from University when my exams finish next week and i need something to do...)

wonder who'll still read my writing... i know a lot of the old readers have seemingly fallen off the face off this site (and understandably!) thinking i might transfer to Luna to be honest. we'll see!

depressingly? nerve-wrackingly? my boyfriend has realised what my quizilla username is (already knowing that i used to - still? - write fanfiction) and although his memory is usually pretty shit, he's remembered it. seriously hoping the pain in the butt doesn't actually venture onto this profile xD if he ever reads this he should know that i am giving him a very disapproving stare haha.

so yes, enjoy the singular update. maybe we'll see more soon! x3

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Sep 16th, 2014

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stories ℘ianissimo // tyl!gokudera hayato 「3」 01/26/2013
stories Little Lion Man [George Weasley] 12/29/2012
stories Little Lion Man [George Weasley] 12/26/2012
stories i. || crossroads ;; confessions of an insomniac 08/19/2012
stories GALAXY OF THE LOST ; Badou Nails 08/16/2012

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