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Hey! I'm Athena, my mom was into Greek myths, okay? :P I am 18. woot woot! I love music, it's my life. I love meeting new people, and talking to anyone who feels the erg to talk to me. :) so message me anytime, i don't bite. ;)

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quizzes Would i date you? ;)
Published in Quizzes on 02/06/2012
polls Pick one of these hair styles for me please!
Published in Polls on 01/30/2012


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May 1, 2012

At home being boring!

I am at home, and I am so HUNGRY! It's crazy! Jacob is driving as slow as possible with my food just to bug me. :( That boy annoys me sometimes, he always forgets though that since we live together and since i sleep on a matress across the room from him, I could probably do some really mean things to him as he sleeps! :P Well I am going to go search our mini frige for some food! BYE!

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Oct 1st, 2014

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stories 25::Seduction Leads to Destruction 05/26/2012

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