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Energetic doesn't mean crazy, it means you know how to have fun.

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I love writing poetry and stories. I love my friends, HowlStar and BaconB123. I love Quizilla because I can write to my heart's content and not worry about people I know judging me. Bye bye birdie pie!

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poems Cheater
Published in Poems on 09/16/2013
stories Burn
Published in Stories on 08/04/2013
poems Natural
Published in Poems on 05/28/2013
poems Third Wheel
Published in Poems on 05/28/2013
poems The Switch
Published in Poems on 05/28/2013


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April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013

hey so its been quite a while and i've been busy graduation is soon and im FREAKING OUT!!!! im terrified for 9th grade and for some of my friends to leave i feel like my entire life is changing and its scary what do i do? i used to want to grow up, but now i want life to just freeze and allow me to savor now instead of worrying about the future WHAT DO I DO?

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Sep 17th, 2014

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poems Natural 05/28/2013
poems Third Wheel 05/28/2013
poems The Switch 05/28/2013
poems Already Shattered 05/28/2013
poems Past 03/13/2013

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