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The Only Thing Ive Learned So Far , Is How To Not Make It ,

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ovoxo | Far From Perfect | Ive Dealt With So Much In So Little Of Time , Its Unbelievable How Im Still Breathing . People Say "Think Positive" When My Whole Life Strives As A Negative Image . Yes Ive Tried To Change . But It Isnt Easy When You Have Both A Demon & The Devil On Your Shoulders .

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polls Who Is A Better Singer ?
Published in Polls on 10/20/2013
poems Split .
Published in Poems on 10/20/2013
poems The Other Option ..
Published in Poems on 10/18/2013
poems Freak .
Published in Poems on 10/18/2013
poems i Was Drunk
Published in Poems on 05/14/2013


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October 20, 2013

Back & Better

Well Im Back & Ive Matured Enough For This Community .
So At The Moment Ive Just Posted Some Poems/Raps & Would Love If You Rated // Favorited // Shared //Etc. It ^.^
Im Also Adding More People Because I Only Have 3 Friends ._\ GAAAY ! Soo Yea
My Facebook ; facebook.com/DrakesSosaa
My Ig ; Rawrrrrahh | 2k Followers

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Sep 20th, 2014

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poems Split . 10/20/2013

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