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"We are all worms. But I do believe I am a glow worm.."

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Retro / Alex / Alley Cat ; gender is female. species is jumpy junior. habitat is Canada. abilities are horrid writing and fangirlism. weakness’ are Blink-182 and cute things. random fact: this creature is known for being a major tsundere and is prone to hyper outbursts. BEWARE.

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stories Jυsт To Sαч.. ▪ 당신을 사랑 ▫
Published in Stories on 08/26/2012
stories Jυsт To Sαч.. ▪ 愛してる ▫
Published in Stories on 05/23/2012
stories Jυsт To Sαч.. ▪ Rakastan Sinua ▫
Published in Stories on 01/13/2012
stories Jυsт To Sαч.. ▪ Ti Amo ▫
Published in Stories on 10/17/2011
stories Time to Write, Ja? - The Bad Touch Trio .
Published in Stories on 09/16/2011


Latest Journal Entry

December 12, 2010

heroes are great and all, but everybody loves a good sidekick. [:

Mood; apathetic? i dunno. :D
Listening to; LOLOL! character song, RIGHT NOW sang by "Tsuna" and "Basil". [man, i'm lame.]
Doing; procrastinating KHR form, and WWYFF.
Watching; the food network, 'cause i'm badass like that. >8D


don't you give up, never give up..

boop boop, i ahve two tests on Wednesday.
Science and French fail; just sayin'.
i also have three exams that i have to do in January.
and two in June.
.. well then..
hmm, i should really be working on that form..
but, i'm cold, and tired, and lazy.


Well, arn't you just a bowl full of..

Enma sucks balls.
he made me freak out on Stephanie this week because he was all like 'i'mma keeeel 'chu Tsuna!' then he's all like 'you're daddy killed mah sister.'
i didn't know whether to hate him or love him!
i mean, c'mon! he looks like a puppy that's been kicked one too many times, and bandages look awesome on anime characters. >8I
Akira Amano is a horrible person, making a character that confuses people so~.
[LOL, the again, i'm pretty easy to confuse.]


my secret side i keep..

lol, so i've been watch Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and i can't help but thinking;
wow, am i screwed up or what?
and also,
why don't they like Brief?
he's my favourite character aswell as Chuck. D8
lol, i know, i'm awesome. ;P


wanna see you move, yeah, move to the music..

ookay, so i've got a question for whoever may read my journal~;
do you like tacos?
the first person to answer this can have whatever they want from me that doesn't cost money.
no one wants that but oh well, i don't give. :D
send your answer in a message and i'll tell you if you've won. >:D


Alex - Retro

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Sep 23rd, 2014

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