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And today I shall leave you with another cliffhanger!

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Hi there! This is just a spot for me to say thanks to everyone who reads my ridiculous writings and for sticking with me! As always, there will be an update! For those who are new, welcome! Message me to say hi or talk about whatever, I'm always up for new friends. =)

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stories Forever Bound
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July 1, 2010

I Apologize

As you can tell by the title, I'm sorry. Sorry for leaving you guys hanging when I promised I wouldn't. I occasionally posted things I had been working on to show you I'm NOT dead but, yeah they're not what you want.

And I completely and totally understand that.

So now, since it's summer and I have a bit more free time, I'm getting back to work.

However I need to retake my quizzes and reread some stuff again. haha ^_^;

I can hardly remember the...feeling of my characters anymore because I haven't used them in a while. But I'm going to. Give me a bit of time and I'll have something up.

I'll start with CHWH most likely because that won't take as long and possibly siddle over to FB.

DR, well you all know how many quizzes I have to take. But since that's coming to a close, I really need to give you guys the ending you deserve.

You might not like it but, it'll be a worthy ending just the same.

Thank you to everyone who's messaged. There are quite a bit! You must have missed me. =)

Wish me luck,


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Sep 19th, 2014

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