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Thanks to Hayley, I'm now addicted to PokeFarm. Thanks, Hayley.

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About Me

LIKE TOTALLY. ... Anyway... So you can call me Lydia, or maybe 'you', or Catfish, or The Catfish Caper (that's my superhero name! Alfred would be proud.), or whatever you like. I like anime, 'specially Hetalia and Soul Eater and KHR! and a whole lot of other ones...and I've been working on my writing, and taking Japanese! I'm glad you actually took the time to read this. Arigatou gozaimasu! :D

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February 18, 2011

Life's Life, and All We Can Do Is Live It, Right?

Meh. I jus twanted to post stuff.

So, first of all, a few days ago I bought Hetalia Volume 1. Awesome, right? really is...I showed it to my friend, and he thought Japan was a girl. That made me rather happy...

AND MY BIRFDAY'S IN A MONTH. On the greatest holiday in the history of time. It's called Everything You Do is Right Day. Yeah. And I was born on it. Yay~

And I'm going to NYC on the ninth for five days! For band, even though we're not actually playing anything. Yeah, kind of pointless...BUT WE GET TO TOUR NBC STUDIOS AND SEE WICKED ON BROADWAY AND ON MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED. I want to play the piano at F. A. O. Schwartz...DUDE I'D FEEL LIKE TOM HANKS.

And another thing. Go on YouTube, and look up "anime munters original go devil dante" and you will see it and you will squeal with joy (hopefully) and you will add it to your favorites and then you will thank me for this.

OH, AND IF YOU LIKE USUK, I'VE GOT SOME ONESHOTS UP ON FANFICTION.NET. If you want to find them, you can search "a day in the life usuk" and it's the second thing there, I believe. It's called "A Day in the Life", and the author is Lydiacatfish, aka me. So if you like USUK, and ElisabetaxYaoi too, go check it out~

AndI'mprobablygoingtorewriteOnTheHuntwithItalyinsteadofwhatitisrightnow. If you think I should rewrite it with Ita-chan, just message me or leave a comment or something~ Thanks!


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