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May 8, 2014

Yup, I'm Still Alive And Yes, I'm Still Writing :))

It has been months since I last updated this. My bad. I've been focusing on different things at the same time and it all has me distracted.
I'm going back to Uni so that has me studying and I'm still doing my best to write and all that. So if you still want to read my stories, either new or old ones, you can search me on w a t t p a d as: soulstrings. That is the only place I am writing and uploading my stories to, anywhere you find them its not me and I would like to be informed of it. You can also find me on twitter, I'm not always there but anyways!
Anything else you wish to know message me or simply go to those sites and leave a message/comment there!
Thank you for the support!
~scarlettunknown(Copyright© All Rights Reserved)

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November 1, 2013


As many of you know, I no longer have my stories public due to some copyright infrigment. Anyways, I'm only here to give you some updates!


Here are some of the updates! (Old & New)
1) "I Will Never Fall For My Husband", "Maybe Being Held Captive By A Bunch Of Strange Guys Isn't That Bad", "Worth the Risk", "Undercover" & "Can't Be Too Careful Anymore" are officially finished stories.

2) I am currently working on: "Learning to Fall" and "It's Not Just Business", both are going pretty well. If you wish to read them just let me know!

3) I am only writing on w a t t p a d (I type like that so that this doesn't get reported or anything) & I type updates here :))

4) I made a t w i t t e r account, so if you wish to reach for me there feel free to do so! (just add: /harperashby after the ".com" and that's me!)

5) My account on w a t t p a d, well you have to ask for that one, sorry D: I don't want this reported/deleted D:

I think that's it for now. Pretty short. :O
I do plan on updating those both stories by tomorrow (Friday), so if you're interested in reading that LET ME KNOW!!!
Thanks for all the support!
~scarlettunknown©(Copyright© All Rights Reserved)

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July 15, 2013

Stories (I haven't stopped writing!!)

Here are the updates:

1) I am STILL writing. BUT in order to read my stories you have to leave me a message so I can send you a link to read them!

2) 'Undercover', the sequel to: 'Maybe Being Held Captive By a Bunch of Strange Guys Isn't That Bad' is already finished.

3) There is a sort of sequel/spin-off story to 'Worth the Risk'. It's name is: 'Can't Be Too Careful Anymore', it's in Chad's point of view. It also goes back to how Keller and Mitch are doing. That story is up to chapter seven. It is coming to an end soon.

4) I uploaded a whole new story. 'Learning to Fall' it's the story of Gena Haynes, a girl who has to leave her family behind to go study somewhere else. She lives with her mother's friend Janine Thane. The story goes on from there. It's up to chapter four.

5) After those stories are finished I'm going to upload two new ones right after that. So if you want to read my work please send me a message so I can give you the link to where to read my stories and all.

That's it, I think.

This clears everything up.

Hope you message me.

Oh! If you find my stories in another site that isn't w a t t p a d, and with the username I give you. LET ME KNOW!!! I don't want my stories to be wondering around (people stealing them >:|).

With love,

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May 29, 2013

I am STILL Writing!!!!

People! I am STILL writing :)) BUT in order to read my stories you have to leave me a message so I can send you a link to read them!!!
With that said, I'm off to write ;))

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February 2, 2013

My Stories. Where To Read Them! :)) Look For Me On Wattpad!!

If you have messaged me you'll know that I haven't posted any more of my stories here and the reason is because someone was stealing them. So yeps! Now that matter is sorted out :)) Thank God!
I'll like to let you know, for those who have read my stories and wish to read the sequel or new stuff from me, I am now on Wattpad as well.
You have to message me to know my username, you just have to ask for it and I'll send you the link!
So if you see my stories under that username (appart from this site) please let me know 'cause that may be someone else!
By the way "Undercover", sequel to "Maybe Being Held Captive By A Bunch Of Strange Guys Isn't That Bad" is up to Chapter 8!!"Can't Be Too Careful Anymore", sequel to "Worth The Risk" is now up to chapter 3 :))
I will have new stuff up soon :))
So yeah! Look For Me On Wattpad!!Message Me!

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November 19, 2012

Look for me on Wattpad!

Message me for my username!!! :))
That's the only place I will update my stories!

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October 28, 2012

Sequels & New Stuff

I am working on the sequels of both: 'Worth the Risk' & 'Maybe Being Held Captive...' as I upload the stories on Wattpad.

Also, I'm working on two new stories. Hopefully those will be up real soon too.

If you have an questions about my stories or where I am posting them please message me!

Things are going really well, I think my writer's block was just a fase :))

*IMPORTANT*: I will only, ONLY, be posting my stories on Wattpad. So if you see my stuff on another site or other username that isn't the one I give you (Which you have to message me for) PLEASE let me know!



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October 6, 2012

Uploads, Stories...And Stuff :))

The sequels are coming out better than I expected.
As I upload my previous stories: I Will Never Fall For My Husband, Worth The Risk & Maybe Being Held Captive By A Bunch Of Strange Guys Isn't That Bad; I am working on Undercover & Can't Be Too Careful Anymore.
If you want to know where these stories are being posted at please message me or leave a comment!
Thanks for reading and I hope you don't loose interest in my writing D:
That said I'll go back to writing :))

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September 29, 2012

I've Started UPLOADING!!!!!!

YES you READ right. I've UPLOADED my first story.
I will have the first chapter of my three stories done by today, hopefully!
Please message me for the link!
Thanks for the support!

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September 26, 2012

Poll, Details, Updating. . .

So in order to post the new stories, sequels and stuff I want to know which story will you like me to post first?
Of course I will be uploading all three, nearly at the same time..but the editing takes a bit of time so yeah.
I just want to know which one and to let you guys know that I will be uploading my stories on the OTHER site.
Please message me if you want to know where and my username :))
Thanks for the support!!!!!

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September 20, 2012

Deleting, PLEASE READ for more Information ;))

HAHA I've always wanted to say that.
ANYWAYS. For some reason my last post here was reported e_O
Well thing is someone was stealing my stuff from here and posting it on another site :\
So I deleted almost everything. Good thing I have everything saved in my computer and notebooks.
I will NOT STOP writing. I will simply change some things.
If you want to know where I am moving my stories to, PLEASE MESSAGE ME and I'll gladly tell you.
I don't want any more fakes pretending to be me and using my stories as theirs, Its simply not fair. I managed to report the girl.
I want to make something clear!!!!!::::: I NEVER POSTED MY STORIES IN ANY OTHER SITE BUT HERE!
SOOOO If you see my stories on other sites, EVEN if it has my username, PLEASE let me know.
AGAIN if you want my new account please message me!

~~scarlettunknown [the REAL one]

i wont delete this account so whenever you have doubts of my stories being somewhere else please message here and you'll know the real one!!!

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August 13, 2012


I am having so much trouble with both sequels it's not even funny.

I am officially stuck...BIG time.


Undercover...Chapter's on Pierce's Point of view and I can't seem to write more than one paragraph! ): I read it and nothing comes to mind...I read the other chapters and nothing...I've even re-read the Prequel!!!! And NOTHING works. I've seriously lost it. I am trying my best to update but I simply can't write anything. Not even something suck-ish >_> which sucks even more.

Can't Be Too Careful Anymore...Chapter 1... I have a page done and I got stuck just when it was time for the characters to 'speak'. No kidding. This story is on Chad's point of view...which is a bit hard for me to write since I am a girl but I think I am doing fine...but then again I am stuck with it tooD:

I've also started two other stories and I got stuck after 3 chapters each.

Maybe it's the stress, maybe I hit my head or maybe I am too distracted reading OR dealing with family/engagement business

Gaahh!!!! I am I'll update when I can manage. Either way thanks for the few who've read Undercover and the whole lot of you who have read my other stories!

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July 18, 2012

Undercover & Can't Be Too Careful Anymore!

For some odd reason this story got deleted -.- so I will post the first three chapters again and then I'll start working on the next chapters.

Chapter 04 will be in Kenneth's point of view.
I know this might be a little bit confusing since it's going to be in nearly everybody's point of view. But latter on it'll slowly go back to just Blair's and maybe Christina's point of view.
Seriously, If you have any questions please ask me and I'll gladly answer them :))

It is sort of a long tittle name but that's just how I roll *o*
Like I said before it will be in Chad's point of view. It'll probably and hopefully shorter than WORTH THE RISK.
There's really nothing much to say about this story since it's fairly simple. I hope simple enough to write but the whole idea is still clear in my head so....YEAH!


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July 16, 2012

Worth the Risk SEQUEL...sort of :))

It's more of a spin off serie kind of thing since it's going to be in Chad's point of view.
I will place the wedding of Mitch and Keller together with their babies. They will still be mentioned in this new story since Chad and Keller are now step brothers so they will be seeing each other at times. Together with that I will answer some questions that were never answered really. Like how Mitch got hurt and all that.
This story, like I said, will be in Chad's point of view. It's going to be his life after everything that happened and how he deals with it.
I am currently writting it so I hope to have something this week. I really hope so.
I am not putting the title yet since I am in between three of them.
Oh like I said before, I will start to post Worth the Risk on Wattpad soon, so if you have an account there I would love the support!!!
here's my account name: soulstrings
if you cant find me ask me for the link!

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June 13, 2012

Sequel or No Sequel? (Worth the Risk)

I need your opinion :)) This is just a possibility, I'm still thinking about it.

The question:
Would you like a sequel still in Keller's point of view?
Would you like a sequel in a different point of view? (NOT ELABORATING MORE)

Message me your opinion! Thanks :))

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June 8, 2012


I seriously have no idea why my stories keep being posted in a full paragraph is so confusing to read and it's driving me nuts!!Quizilla completely went nuts on me V_VI might get off this site and move to Wattpad after all.

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May 23, 2012

Worth the Risk

Alright I think my teachers have something against me but I have a ton of homework and I'm barely half way through it and I started yesterday D:

So no update today D:

I will though try to have something up tomorrow, if I can't come up with a good chapter I'll make a short one sort of like a filler. This story is nearly over, around 5 or 4 chapter's away from being done. I'm not counting on writing a sequel but who knows? I'll let you know if I change my mind :D

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May 7, 2012

Important...sort of

You are going to hate me,

But I work better and faster this way.

Alright I am going to focus on Worth the Risk since its only a couple of chapter away from being over (Don't ask about sequels because I still don't know about those) and I just want to finish it.

After I'm done with that one I'll focus on Undercover and occacionally updating Fire & Ice.

It's easier for me because, since I'm grounded, I started writting the chapters on a notebook and it takes time to type them and I only get two hours a day and I'm getting a load of homework and projects and I started working (again) so Im starting to be busy which I hate.

My point: Undercover is ON HOLD
I will FINISH Worth the Risk BEFORE continuing to write anything else
I will TRY to update Fire & Ice WHILE I write Undercover (AFTER I FINISH WORTH THE RISK)

Any questions or concerns message me. DO NOT COMMENT I rarely check those :/ so MESSAGE me if you got a question or simply want to throw a few insults my way for not updating and such matters: )


posted at 6:04 pm EDT

April 26, 2012

Updates: Undercover & Worth the Risk

Alright I will update UNDERCOVER tomorrow Friday. I'll try to not make it confusing. I'll like to remind you that this story will be in different point of views. The next chapter will still be in Blair's point of view since I sort of left it on a cliff hanger. But I'll have to stop doing that since I'm also working on Pierce's, Kenneth's and Christina's point of view appart from Blair's.

I'll explain you something... they all, after running away in Maybe Being Held..., went to have their own lives. In theepiloguw I wrote I mentioned that Pierce and Melanie are living together while her parents get back from a trip. Kenneth is in the process of being adopted. Leo sent Christina to help Blair and the rest to get away from Liam (who is trying to bring Blair back to Romania). I didnt mention Sawyer or Blair but they are also living together. ALL OF THEM ARE IN SCHOOL.

So my goal is to let you guys know how each one of them is doing :D I hope you like it and that I dont confuse you too much o_o

About Worth the Risk...I just uploaded a chapter so the next one will be up the day after tomorrow, I hope :))

I'll try to be quick on my updates but... I have a feeling that I might get grounded and wont be able to use the computer for a couple of days. so if I dont update either of my stories after two days of uploading the latest chapter then you'll know that I might be grounded!

Thanks for reading, if you did >_>

If you have any questions about any of my stories please let me know!

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March 4, 2012

Maybe Being Held Captive... Sequel!!!!


Remember when I asked for suggestions for the title of the sequel to: Maybe Being Held Captive By A Bunch Of Strange Guys Isn’t That Bad?

Well I got some great ideas, really…but I feel bad having to choose since some messages were very enthusiastic. And I know some will get pissed for going through thinking for a title and sending me it. I’m sorry but if you don’t like the title I chose L .

I don’t mean to say that it is better than the rest because all of them are good. But that one seemed, to me, that it fit.

The Sequel will be named:


The name came from:


Thank you so much for the title!

Again the idea wasn't mine, I didn't came up with that title.. she (ILoveBeingUnperfect) did. And I will repeat this when I upload the first chapter and the second and the third of the Sequel.

Hope you all like the new things that are coming to Sawyer's, Blair's, Pierce's and Kenneth's lives.
The story will be in different Points Of Views. Hope I don't confuse you or myself.
There will be new characters, some you will not like and some you might.
I'll try to be careful with my spelling, I wont promise anything., My English is going bad :(

I did got a character request...I dont remember the user name but YOU must know who you are if you are reading this : ) YOU HAVE TO KNOW I CHANGED THE LAST NAME U.U (It wouldnt fit if i left the one you gave me) and if you reading this please message me or comment because my messages got errased o.o for some odd reason.

Appart from the story title idea and the character request the rest of the story is my idea. AND I will try not to ask for any more ideas :)

Um I think that is all that had to be said. . .

Again thanks to: ILoveBeingUnperfect for the title idea!!!! :))

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