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"If your love is just a dream don't wake me up.."

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Hey guys you can call me Kat. I love to write lyrics,poetry, and some stories. I am 16 and a Junior. I love photography and graphic design.I do color guard and I love it. If I could I would marry music. Music is what helps keep me alive and it never leaves. Hope you enjoy my stuff

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poems Stop Haunting Me
Published in Poems on 03/29/2014
poems Night
Published in Poems on 05/09/2013
poems Behind The Mask
Published in Poems on 12/04/2012
poems Dumb Love
Published in Poems on 09/23/2012
poems Unspoken
Published in Poems on 07/27/2012


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May 11, 2014

Waiting out the storm

I might write a poem about this later or something. But things have been getting better. For about 2 months it was getting really bad but that's changed. So many people have been helping me raise money so that I can do color guard and it makes me so happy knowing that people who I'm barely friends with care enough to take time out of their day and help me. My boyfriend and I are back together and better than ever and I'm really happy. I'm still struggling with my inner demons but I know I can fight them. It's all about holding on.

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Sep 19th, 2014

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stories A Love To Give That Leaves You Breathless {Chapter:11 Asking Alexandria Story.} 01/13/2013
stories School For the Lost -Part Twelve- 06/29/2012
poems The Voices 03/12/2012
lyrics Escape 12/22/2011
poems Self Harm 12/07/2011

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