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[ melo : CURRENTLY MORE ACTIVE ON LUNA ] made on 25 april 1997 ; may contain traces of china, india and france ; manufactured in malaysia ; sold in australia, now selling in thailand. ♡ " come right in, set your bag down; i took a night off for you ~ " [ previously meloxique ]

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May 27, 2012

You Said If You Could Fly.

listening to “ sakura biyori ” by hoshimura mai
watching * the secret world of arrietty *
reading ‘ the wind-up bird chronicle ’ by haruki murakami


Hai, hai~

Exam period is almost over and my relatives are dropping by to visit tomorrow from Malaysia! I’m going to be a bit busy studying and showing them around but, luckily, during my absent week of school because of my bronchitis, I’ve managed to finish a few more drabbles. I didn’t want to deviate away from the original order of the prompts but I have no inspiration at the moment to write something about “Don’t Go” so tough luck, I’m straying from the pattern and just posting whatever the hell is done!

Also, I’m now kind of apprehensive about publishing anything on Tumblr. I don’t read the fine print but I heard that one of Tumblr’s conditions is that whatever you post instantly belongs to them. D: How can this be?! T_T If I post my stories on my Tumblr then they’ll own it. Never! I hope Quizilla and Lunaescence didn’t sneak something like this into their fine print as well or we’re all doomed. o_o

I’m determined to finish BLEACH now that I know the anime is finished and the manga is nearly done, too. KHR!! is next on my list. I wanted to give One Piece a go but there are so many episodes! x_x I’m not interest in Fairy Tail. I kind of feel like watching something a little more shoujo after my whole BLEACH splurge. Any recommendations? ^0^

I have to admit, when I got up to the episode where Ulquiorra debuts, I laughed. |D His voice was not what I was expecting at all! I watch the English dub — too lazy to read subtitles ^^; — and I assumed they’d get someone more… Byakuya-sounding. xD I should see what his seiyuu sounds like.

Anyway, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. It feels good to be back! ^^

Ja ne~

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Sep 17th, 2014

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