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"when the power of love overcomes the love of power world will know peace." Jimi Hendix :)

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I am a music lover. I write, sing, dance and play guitar! I also love reading! People say I have a fun personality, im pretty bubbly but not shallow! i am 14, i am a cheerleader and i also am friendly to everyonee!

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poems Good Riddance By Me
Published in Poems on 10/13/2012
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Published in Poems on 08/06/2012
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Published in Poems on 07/18/2012
poems There Will Come a Time
Published in Poems on 07/13/2012
poems Some Kind Of Mother
Published in Poems on 07/13/2012


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September 15, 2012


I dont know if life is decided by chance or by choice. i usually fall under the category of fate, things seem to always happen for a reason, things people cant seem to explain so why do people believe in choice if you dont know what comes your way? i guess they just want to believe that they can make their own choices and makes their life. which i tend to also believe because if you make a choice and can change what will happen in the future. but fate is like an apple, if an apple falls of a tree it can either slowly die or decay by being eaten by bugs, its not like the apple has a choice, fate deicded how it will decay. i guess what i belive is that fate changes but fate will always be down the road, you just have to decide which road.

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Sep 21st, 2014

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