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"I wanna know what it'd be like, to find perfection in my pride to see nothing in the light"- Paramore!!!!!!

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What is there to know about me? I'm 15, I come from Sydney, Australia. Music is my life. I LOVE Paramore, their music is my world. Other bands include, Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six, Amy Meredith, The Getaway Plan and Flyleaf. Writing and singing are my two passions, I would be nothing without them.... and well PARAMORE RULES!!!! I said that already? Oh... well still.... PARAMORE!!!!!!!!

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May 6, 2011


So i came to a decision, since i can't get on often anymore and i don't post as often as i used to, i feel like i let all you fans down... soooo. I've decided that what i'm going to do is this. Every story i've started i'm gonna finish, but i'm going to do it one by one.... so I'll started with "Something went wrong with something so right.." and yeah i'll just keep going til i'm finished. I won't start anything new or like that either

Maybe when i've done that I might do sequels or something, or might stop... idk, it's a long way off so don't stress. Plus i don't have those die hard fans i used to anymore.... so i'm sure to loss more over time. Anyway, enjoy the rest of it all. Message me and stuff :)

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