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 Name is Toku Welcome to my dumb page → I love Anime and many other things, I like scary games and listening to almost every type of music,→ I like to Rp so just let me know  I also love to just talk and make friends •w• I am 16 stupid and oblivious to everything and very forgetful as well as lazy and having that bad temper when provoked :D i can't get angry at my bro's on here though~!

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stories Sharing my art for Hetaliachokolesniklover
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April 28, 2013


Hola~ Good news~ i might be returning this summer :D i've been just busy.... lol~I have no life this summer so it's all good~ :D

Had Prom, which was a blast let me high off of balloon helium XD and sparkling wine~ had six botttles of that stuff so good~

When's the last time i've been on here guys? like... March or something? ahhh..... feels so nostalgic to be here... =w = i missed everyone! I miss all of you guys so much! ; A ; I'm still on my Tomikiriku account though and it's as surprise some people don't recognize the similarities fo our names or account

I have bright red hair now too o3o


Love you all~! and glad to be back~!!!

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Sep 15th, 2014

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