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Speak your truth softly; not everyone wants to hear it, but anyone who needs to will.

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About Me

Friends call me Tray and you're welcome to do the same. I'm the apathetical but happy voice behind the rants (but I've really cooled down, I swear (^_^メ) This is my dump of angry rants and fanfic which I'm too embarrassed to look at.

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stories FFVII: The Uncomfortable Feelings of Being Late
Published in Stories on 06/10/2012
stories Rant No. 6: Japan is so kawaii desu~!
Published in Stories on 05/25/2012
poems Dear Hater, You're Not. . .
Published in Poems on 04/24/2012
stories Rant No. 5: Hunger Games, not Hunger-Gasms
Published in Stories on 03/24/2012
stories Rant No. 4: *OMG I'M HAVIN UR BEHBEH!!!
Published in Stories on 02/19/2012


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September 4, 2012

Remember when I said summer was the time to write more?

Weeeeell, so much for that.
Yep, back to school for me. My last year there too. I honestly have an apathetic opinion about going to school nowadays. I love learning, reading, experimenting you know, stuff like that, but the educational system is whack and the classroom (including the people in it) can be tedious.

I WILL get down to writing more ficlets and more rants if I can. I kinda either lost some of that productive rage and/or I have nothing to be angry about as of now. Ficlets can be nerve racking and I absolutely hate my writing. If someone wanted to torture me, all they'd have to do is show me all the fanfic and original stories I've written ever, and I'd be screaming in embarrassment and pain.
But I can't stay away for long~


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Sep 30th, 2014

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