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Hey, if you cant tell by my username i love trombone! :) Thankx hope you like my stuff About ME: There really isnt a lot to no, im a pretty boring person. Message me if you want Now for a parting message1 o my fav quotes: "Anyone can make you smile or cry But it takes someone special to make you smile When you already have tears in your eyes - Unknown"

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stories Yet another random story
Published in Stories on 01/30/2012
stories Random stories that i have writen
Published in Stories on 01/30/2012
polls What should i make????
Published in Polls on 01/21/2012
polls Who is the most annoying?
Published in Polls on 12/10/2011
quizzes What element on the beach are you?
Published in Quizzes on 12/10/2011


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June 2, 2012

I am here

No. No. No. No. Sometimes, especially when you’re a teenager like me, people really make you mad. Simple things can set you off. Take the word no. I know that I personally am getting sick of the word no. “No, you cannot know what I am talking about, because [blah blah blah I give you worse less words that don’t explain why].” Etc. All people have the little things that set them off and honestly put you in a bad mood. My personal method for taking care of that is taking my IPod and ignoring the world, but that doesn’t always work. Go find you own method. Just a few words of encouragement, because sometimes it’s really nice to know people go through the same junk you do.

~tromboneluva3____.jpg(btw thats what i look like. im a beach girl who is obsessed with music.)

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Sep 23rd, 2014

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stories 45 things girls WANT BUT WON'T ask for 02/29/2012
stories Slave To The Moon (Werewolf Story) Ch2 02/22/2012
lyrics Taylor Swift 'Safe and Sound' 02/21/2012
stories -Just a Kiss Goodnight- *Arranged Marriage* o.32 02/06/2012
quizzes Best Ten Minutes in Heaven EVER! ~1 02/03/2012

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