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Face your failure, face your lonelyness, face the fact you live a lie. YES you live a lie. Tell you why! Your always preaching not be numb, when thats how you thrive!

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Hi! My name is Haley, but most people on Quizilla call me twink due to my username :) I don't get on this account much at all anymore but I do have another account under the name twinklebell12 that I'm on almost daily :)

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Published in Stories on 11/08/2008
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Published in Stories on 09/28/2008
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Published in Poems on 09/24/2008
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September 28, 2008

Naruto Phsyc Institution Role Play

I thought it would be interesting. A phsyc (sp?) instituion, for those who don't know, is a place where the crazy, insane, or mentally I'll get sent to get better. You can pretty much things of any mind problem you can have.

People at the institution:
Senseis: are the people who work to help people get better

Sasuke: Druggie

Naruto:Pyromainiac (he is obsessed with setting fires)

Sakura: Bulimic

Kiba:.......I haven't decided his problem yet so if anybody can think of something go ahead

Shino: Mute

Hinata: Autismn (sp?)

Shika: Phymphomac (lol I really forget what it's called I made that up, but it's an actual disease where you can fall asleep in a blink of an eye no matter what your doing. It suits him well don't you think?)

Choji: Binge eater

Ino: (I forget the term) Doesn't eat alot

Gaara: Sociapath (terrified, and hates to socialize I think....)

Kankuro: Has a phobia of fire (him and Naruto don't mix well)

Temari: Has a phobia of going outside

Akatsuki: You can think of their own problems if you like em

Sora: Teretts (Sp?)

Sai: Bipolar

Lee: Phobia of the gothic

Neji: Manic depressive (I think thats what it's called. It means he hears voices, and doesn't think he's himself most of the time)

Tenten: Addicted to sharp objects (don';t know if thats a diagnosis or not but wahtev)

My information:

Name: Awa Uzumaki

Diagnosis: Pathological Liar (I lie too much)

Crush(S): Sai, Sora, Sasuke, Shika (all the S's)

Age: 12 (I refuse to think I'm a teenager, even though I am thirteen. All of the other characters are thirtten and fourteen except for the senseis and hokages, akatsuki and crap)

You don't have to join, I just thought it would be an interesting idea.........

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