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Ingredients: - 1 part Charlotte - 1 part Suzie - several hundred monday nights - a little too much sugar - a dash of name search engines - a sprinkle of late updates - and a whole lot of "yours truly" Facts: - we ALWAYS reply to messages - we don't care about ratings - charlotte writes the journal - the characters of the consiense and voice of reason are the best in our stories...end of - yep we do put cameo appearences of our friends into our stories - no, they do not know... - yes those rumours are true, we are blondes.... - Suzie has a dog called Juniper - Charlotte has a thing for scottish accents AND THAT'S US!

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November 8, 2009


Ok sorry everyone for the stupidly slow updates but I promise it won't be much longer till the grand finale of Torn Between Two Worlds (in about three partsish time). We've actually already written most of the remaining parts save my next one (Char) which unfortunately for all of you happens to be the next in the series :( Sorry for the delays but I'm all ill and gross at the moment and my laptop is making my head hurt so I'm going to put it away but I WILL write that part before the end of the week....probably.... Again I'm really sorry but just hang in there!

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