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I love to read, write, and occasionally sing. I love to play softball. My favorite books are the Hunger Games Trilogy and I'm kinda obsessed with them. My favorite fanfic that I'm writing right now is An Unvealed Game. It, of course, is a Hunger Games fanfic.

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stories An Unbelievable Battle 8 (Luce)
Published in Stories on 04/21/2012
stories An Unbelievable Battle 7 (Marcus)
Published in Stories on 04/12/2012
stories An Unbelievable Battle 6 (Luce)
Published in Stories on 03/31/2012
stories An Unbelievable Battle 5 (Luce)
Published in Stories on 03/19/2012
stories An Unbelievable Battle 4 (Veron, Luce)
Published in Stories on 03/15/2012


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September 23, 2012


I'm back, everyone! After rereading An Unbelievable Battle eight million times, reading a few of the chapters in the previous two in this series, and then feeling the incredible longing to continue on with this story with some newfound inspiration, I am back!!!

Agh, I'm so excited to be writing on here again! It's much different than FanFiction, and though I'll never get tired of either website, it's nice to not have that same repetition of one website or the other.

So, I'm working on the next AUB chapter. Can't wait to get it up!

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Sep 19th, 2014

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stories *Killer instinct* (Cato love story) Chapter 2 04/23/2012
stories *Killer instinct* (Cato love story) 04/20/2012
stories The Inferno (A Hunger Games Fanfic) Chapter 6 [Peeta] 04/06/2012
stories Broken Wings (A Hunger Games Fanfic) Chapter 2 [Cicero] 04/02/2012
stories Atrocities 03/16/2012

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