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Never let a day pass you by with out something new to do.

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I am odd and cool like that. Love writing, being with friends and making new friends as well. Don't juge people for who they are. Have good days and bad days like everyone ells. Like lessning to my ipod, can't really live with out lessning to music.

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stories I'm The Devils Daughter (18) The War Part 3
Published in Stories on 10/12/2013


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October 5, 2013

Bad Morning

Who else hates getting a phone call at 2 in the morning? I just got a call about an hour ago from my mom telling me that the guy a cross the street from us said are horses were out. Got them faster cause he got them to come back to are house cause they were headed to the woods behind his house. Yay for getting them up, but now I got to do front fencingmost likely later in the day, not looking forward to that.

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Sep 15th, 2014

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