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"But if you hang around, I am bound to lose my mind!"-Melody Gardot

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Hello, I am Ashley, I love to write, play guitar, swim, study, read, knit, draw, bike, run, and most importantly am addicted to health and anatomy..I want to go into medicine!:) My profile lies, I'm a real full blooded stereotypical Gemini! Haha I also love to write when i can, usually I write more when summer comes around! Love you quizilla!:) I love making banners-and ideas and critisim welcome!

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April 5, 2011

A Thing For You To Think About (My Own Idea!)

I felt the wind rip through my hair; the raindrops pelt my face like tiny bullets trying to knock me down. My eyes are closed listening to the music if the rain. No one else is around me; no one else can see what I see. I had placed my feet at the edge of a clearing an hour before, and I just stared up, at the night sky. The stars were alive tonight, large and shining, I needed this. I needed to be renewed from my own body. It was time to stop worrying for others and just become me. For a while. I realized how big the universe was, how big the dimensions could be, and bow small our galaxy was. How small we were. How tiny we were, living out our lives here and not thinking about the outside world. What were we doing here? You could argue someone put us here for a Purpose, but then why would we die? You could argue you could be reborn, but then why are there more souls nowadays? Perhaps we are a part of one big system. Think of this, everything is made up of atoms, everything. We also have no clue as to how big our galaxy is. Sometimes galaxies collide and form bigger galaxies. See what I'm saying yet? Atoms, one of the smallest things on earth, how can it relate to the incredibly large galaxies? Beings do the same thing, so perhaps our dimension all dimensions of billions of planets orbiting around the nuclei (the sun) perhaps we are one big creature. Does that mean when the creature we might live in dies, we die? Yes, that's probably true. Now, if you think about it that way, our galaxy is equal to one atom in a bigger, much larger being. Then why did life start here? Now before you get all scientific with me, just believe in my focus point for a second. Realize how big this is, how small, we could be. Are we a plague to the being that we might be in? A disease? The other planets don't have life as far as we know, however, why are we different?

Oh, and think of this if we could be a part of an animal, creature of the outside, are there more creatures around it? How many life forms are out there? Could we find a way to communicate with this creature of a higher intelligence? But that would be like talking to you wouldn't it? Wouldn't you believe you crazy it an atom of your body started talking to you? How small it is?

I turned around and walked back on the beaten path to my house for a good morning cup of coffee. That question was left for the future to figure out, now here was another question to dwell on for the morning....

Where do we go when we die?

I set this up as a short story because I was really thinking about all this, I was in a forest in the morning at that time. (and yes I got my cup of coffee)

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