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❀You and the end of summer and the dreams of the future, and our big hope, I won't forget them❀secret base

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Name: No:D (please call me that) type: teenage girl looks: like that asian girl OTP: hong kong x iceland obsessed with: Asian dramas profile picture: Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae O Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai

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stories ✵Memories come to life ✵{England}
Published in Stories on 06/22/2012
stories тℌ℮ ❡ґ℮aт нεтαʟa ε❡❡ нuηt ☞forum
Published in Stories on 04/11/2012
stories ✺A Little Picnic ✺{Switzerland}
Published in Stories on 04/11/2012
stories ✹Children✹ {Older! /normal Sealand}
Published in Stories on 03/09/2012
stories ✖Accepted?✖ {Finland}
Published in Stories on 02/14/2012


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June 22, 2012

blocks suck

I had writers block for such a long F__ time.So since I haven't been sighed on a long time... I lost the message of the person who asked if I could write them a story of Germany... forgive me

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