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Dead in her mind, and cold to the bone. She opened her eyes, to see she was alone.

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Hey! We are two girls in high school, and we love to write. This account is shared by me, Heather, and my best friend Francie. We love reading, writing, and, weird as it is, blood, icons, emo-ness, and we LOVE boys. Anyways, hope you like our creations!

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stories .Falling in Love .xX.Itachi.Xx. With a Killer. Notice.
Published in Stories on 03/29/2011
stories .Falling in Love .x.X.Itachi.X.x. With a Killer. Chapter.2 - Information and Awkward Situations
Published in Stories on 03/06/2011
stories .Falling in Love .x.X.Itachi.X.x. With a Killer. [Prologue]
Published in Stories on 02/28/2011
stories Hello, Goodbye [.Prolouge..]
Published in Stories on 11/28/2008
quizzes Will You Ever Be Cinderella?
Published in Quizzes on 08/21/2008


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March 1, 2011

Stupid backspace....

February 28, 2011

GAH, I HATE QUIZILLA!!!! I had half of my story's chapterwritten, was dumb enough not to save it, tried to backspace to re-type a word, and went back to the “create a story” page! ERASED MY WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!!! Gah, so not happy. Sorry, Itachi fan’s… One more day before chapter one comes out....


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