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"how cool is it that we’re all god tiers? it’s like we’re a super hero team, or some kind of anime squad. like the sailor moons, i guess, but not as lame, or as sexy." ~John Egbert

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Bubby; 16; Homestuck; Hetalia; Insert Random Fandom Here; Eminem; My Chemical Romance; Gorillaz; Shipping; Nerdy, Pervy, With Just a Little Insane on the Side; Laughs at Stupid Shit; Dreams of Being a Hero; Aspiring Pastry Chef/Forensic Pathologist; Gilbert Beilschmidt; Hikaru Hitachiin; Karkat Vantas; John Egbert; Zooey Deschanel; Bewbs

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Published in Stories on 10/26/2012
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November 16, 2012

All You Need Is Love.... 心臓

Good news, guys. I'm not forever alone.... Yay.

But, seriously, continuing on.... Do you also hate fake Beatles fans? You know, the ones
who've only liked them since they became wildly popular. About a year
ago.... And say things like,

"Ermigord guys, I, like, totally love the Beatles. I discovered them, like,a week ago, and I've already bought a Beatles shirt. Y'know, the black one? That for some reason has a huge apple....? Oh, well, it says Beatles on it! I'm their biggest fan! All You Need Is Love is the best song, like, ever! Paul is so hot! Etc, etc...."

Just.... Stfu.

And then you ask them if they like the song 'She's Leaving Home' or what their favorite album
cover is.

And they just stare.....
..... Blankly.

So. Fucking. Stupid.

~Comments and friends requests appreciated! :3

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